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I'm gonna lite-rock your ass! [entries|friends|calendar]

Well she didn't choose this role But she'll play it and make it sincere. So you cry, you cry. (Baby give me a break!) But they believe it from the tears and the teeth right down to the blood at her feet. Boys will be boys hiding in estrogens and wearing aubergine dreams. (Baby give me a break!)

& where is your posture? Oh no no!
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October 22nd, 2005
[ mood | geeky ]



add me there, son.


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October 20th, 2005
[ mood | distressed ]

why am i awake and doing vocab cards at 1:11 AM?


i'm a procrastinator.

i need to stop.

i will not let myself go to sleep until my english and us history homework is done.

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October 19th, 2005
[ mood | crappy ]


i decided.

everyday from now on, i'm going to do my makeup nicely, do my hair nicely, wear awesome clothes, do all of my homework, etc.
INSPIRATION: i just did my eye makeup and it fades from light blue to dark blue and it looks really really cool.

plus, i really want to get into cal state long beach next year. it's.. amazing. not only is it 70 degrees there right now (between 65 and 85 year round) but it has good creative writing/journalism departments, it's in so cal, one of my favorite places in the world, and every teacher and student there is supposedly helpful, nice, and approachable. plus there is like 30,000 kids there, which is great.

ugh. i wish new york city was between 65 and 85 year round. i would never leave.

pee es: two new shows-november first SANTANA, november twenty third i will not be going to bouncing souls, instead i will be enjoying nintendo fusion tour yet again in tom's river, new jersey. it's like an hour and a half away, but I DON'T CARE. I AM GOING.

edit thanks to the lovely _the_razor_-okay, so it gets down to 60 in winter and 90's in summer. it's still better than the long, harsh winters we endure.

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my ♥ belongs to jason mraz [Sunday
October 16th, 2005
[ mood | ecstatic ]


i was fourth row. and i was dancing. i was the only one in center orchestra standing.

and he played my favorite song by him that he has never played in new york.

and i was tearing cause i was flipping out.

and he looked at me.

and he smiled.

and i died.

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October 13th, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

dear all the people going to the matches show on november 20th,

you gotsta buy your own ticket. i'm not buying 23910372183971837 tickets.
thats all.


ps-if you don't know about it, the matches are playing the continental in nyc on november 20th. it's a sunday, but the show starts at 3 pm and should end by 7. it's gonna be a partay. they're the best live band i have ever seen besides being my favorite band ever.
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October 12th, 2005
[ mood | determined ]


after the freezing cold and the rain today..

i have decided something of upmost importance.

i am officially going to go to calfornia state university at long beach in two years.

goodbye, cold new york. hello, gorgey california.

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October 10th, 2005
[ mood | mellow ]

so here is the elaboration.

sunday was the drive to philadelphia. we got there in about 2 hours and 15 minutes ish. not so bad. my brother and his various friends got dropped off at city hall and skated while simone and i walked around south street, which is the hip part of the city. it kinda reminded me of haight-ashbury in san francisco. lots of vintage shops and record stores. we ate at this place called "ishkabbibles" (yes, i totally got a tshirt) then headed over to the electric factory to see the nintendo fusion tour. after getting lost, we end up at the place. we wait on line for awhile (what happened to the summer? it was so cold!) and finally go in. here are their bands, the assesment, and how much money i gave them (aka merch):
-panic! at the disco. FUCKING AMAZING. they only played for 20 minutes (WTF) but they were still great. i got a cool tshirt, a sweatshirt i will be sporting tomorrow, plus i gave their amazing tour manager dan a little alien i got at a vending machine earlier that day. he said he'd cherish it. he offered me the position of merch person during my winter break. i think he was serious. that would be the coolest thing in the world.
-boys night out. eh. the crowd went insane. i was squished up against all these people that were pushing and whatnot. i eventually made it to the side barrier and held on for dear life as the middle of the floor went apeshit and the crowd was stampeding. i didn't get anything by them.
-motion city soundtrack. they.. oh man. i love them. they played everything i wanted them to with the exeption of lg fuad.. oh, well. i got an awesome kelly green track jacket. i met justin (lead singer) and the drummer. justin and i bonded over our mutual love for the matches. i got a hug and an autograph on my ticket from him.
-the starting line. it was my fourth time seeing them. i have to say, they did really well. they're a very solid band live. when they played "bedroom talk" i jumped around like a maniac and acted it out. people were looking at me like i was insane, which was amazing. i got a tshirt.
-fall out boy. after what everyone said about their sucky performance at warped tour, i wasn't expecting much. however, they blew me away. they played a balance of older songs and newer songs, which was cool, cause i don't like their newer stuff as much. when they played "sugar we're goin down" i did the lick-lick-salute thing with pete wentz, which was pretty awesome. during "dance, dance" i was flipping out and went back to try to persuade their merch guy jim (who i was talking to before) to dance with me. he got all embarrassed and was like "noo!". it was cute. i jumped and danced and again made people look at me weird. also, simone crowdsurfed for the first time! yay. if i didn't hate crowdsurfers (plus if i wasn't absolutely terrified) i would have.. but.. i do hate them and i am terrified. so go simone. also.. there was confetti! it was magical. i got a tshirt and bonding time with their merch guy.

and that was sunday.

monday was my brother's birthday. he's thirteen. oy. after another hour or so of wandering around (i got the the academy is... cd yay) we headed home. and now i'm home. and tired.

the end!

ps-i'm really jealous of people with signifigant others. sad, but true. especially if it's someone you've kinda-but-not-really-but-kinda-still-do like. cause that sucks. matt, before you say anything, i'm extremely happy for you and this isn't about you at all.

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October 10th, 2005
[ mood | calm ]

philadelphia was amazing.

i'll elaborate later.

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October 9th, 2005
[ mood | lonely ]

-hung out with brian for awhile afterschool.
-went over to lizzy's. we walked the leatherstocking trail, met up with hannah, got our nails done, and got burritos.
-i went home early to sleep.

-woke up early to go to the john casablancas agency in connecticut. backstory: entered a random talent search at a mall in waterbury, a month later, got a call that they (john casablancas, biggest modeling agency in ct) were interested and wanted to interview me. went for the interview. i got signed on the spot. yep, i'm an official model now! pretty awesome.
-went out and got milkshakes and cheesecake with spencer and cliff. yay. i haven't seen cliff since freaking august.
-a bunch of my brother's friends were over cause we're all going to philly tomorrow.
-matt, mickey, and steven came over. big suprise?
-danced in the rain. i love getting wet.
-just kind of chilled for the rest of tonight.

i'm going to philadelphia until monday night. while there, i'm seeing the nintendo fusion tour. life is good.

hope you all have an amazing rest-of-the-weekend!


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October 7th, 2005
[ mood | fucking pissed ]

don't you just love it when your parents talk over you?

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October 4th, 2005
[ mood | bouncy ]

i just bought nintendo fusion tour tickets.

life is good.

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October 3rd, 2005
[ mood | crazy ]

Hi I'm Bex and I go to people's houses to watch The Crucible but end up on LJ and don't sign off. Oh yeah, and I'm a FLOOZY.

love, BEX coughmazzcough

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September 27th, 2005
[ mood | drained ]

"we're punks. we spell it with an x, too, so we're p-u-n-x. punx!"
-the matches.

watching their dvd has affirmed my suspicions that they are, in fact, THE most adorable people on the planet.

ya know, there is a reason they are my favorite band.

oh, and everyone should go get the panic! at the disco cd.

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September 26th, 2005
[ mood | crappy ]

jeez. i'm frustrated and bitter and cold and lonely and all those bad things.

i want to curl up in bed and watch a sad romantic story. and wish my life was that way.

like i've done for the past two years.

and i know i have to stop.

today my mom asked me, "aren't you sick of not having a boyfriend? you're already a junior."

i couldn't come up with an answer.

i want someone that will give me a kiss on the forehead and watch ridiculous little kid movies with me and then rock out to bad pop music.

whats so difficult about finding a cute boy?

[edit: i love matthew.
matt: dont worry youll meet some nice jewish boy with long hair and hell listen to back street boys with you
matt: itll all work out
me: hahahahahaha
me: you're amazing
matt: he wont like the matches but you will make him like them
matt: and you wont like soty and neither will he
matt: lol thank you
matt: he will invite you to bagels one morning, then he will teach you how to opperate in a kitchen
me: hahahahaha
matt: then he will propose
matt: you will say yes
matt: and there ya go

♥ ]

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September 26th, 2005
[ mood | excited ]

i just bought 16th row john mayer tickets.


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September 25th, 2005
[ mood | giddy ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

[edit: let me make it clear that we were really damn close (about equivalent to 5th row to the right) and my camera phone isn't exactly the best at picture taking.)]

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September 20th, 2005
[ mood | ecstatic ]


THE MATCHES, BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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September 18th, 2005
[ mood | sore ]



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September 14th, 2005
I'm going to Philly over columbus day weekend with my brother, his friends, and my dad.

And I'm seeing the Nintendo Fusion Tour while there.

And I'm going to pass out with excitement.


life is fucking amazing.

[edit: holy fucking shit. I got into fall play. My character is Organ Grinder. Hahahahaha]
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September 11th, 2005
[ mood | flirty ]

Your brain: 60% interpersonal, 160% visual, 180% verbal, and 0% mathematical!
Congratulations on being 400% smart! Actually, on my test, everyone is. The above score breaks down what kind of thinking you most enjoy doing. A score above 100% means you use that kind of thinking more than average, and a score below 100% means you use it less. It says nothing about how good you are at any one, just how interested you are in each, relatively. A substantial difference in scores between two people means, conclusively, that they are different kinds of thinkers.

Matching Summary: Each of us has different tastes. Still, I offer the following advice, which I think is obvious:

  1. Don't date someone if your interpersonal percentages differ by more than 80%.
  2. Don't be friends with someone if your verbal percentages differ by more than 100%.
  3. Don't have sex with someone if their math percentage is over 200%.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 38% on interpersonal

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You scored higher than 87% on visual

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You scored higher than 96% on verbal

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You scored higher than 0% on mathematical
Link: The 4-Variable IQ Test written by chriscoyne on Ok Cupid
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